Experts in CO2 and N2 Measurement


We will provide system and hardware for the production facilities. Your local personnel will get training in our products and safety, we will see to it that they are trained in a manner that we together consider proper, and so that they can carry out basic function testing together with our support staff. We will provide “function control” once every year at every factory for optimization and N2 and CO2 survey.

What is CO2 and why do we want to measure it?

CO2 is a colorless, odorless gas which normally exists at a concentration of about 0.04% (400 ppm) in the air we breathe. CO2 gas does not support life and in concentrations above 3-4% it has dangerous effects on the human organism (IDLH).

Equipment that stores and uses CO2 is designed for normal safe operation when properly maintained, but leaks may cause high concentrations of CO2, creating unsafe conditions. As CO2 is 1 ½ times heavier than air, it will “sink” and concentrate in low areas, posing a risk of asphyxiation/suffocation to anyone in or entering those areas.

What is Nitrogen and why do we want to measure O2?

Nitrogen is a common gas present in all air. The human need the gas to live, if the concentration of N2 gets too high it suppress the oxygen. If efficient protect from high N2 level, we measure O2. If the level of O2 in the air gets below 19,5% we will not be able to breathe and need to evacuate.